Convenience and Savings! Why rent a cramped hotel room when you can rent our 3 bedroomed condo for about the same amount of money? Our home sleeps 8 and is spacious enough to accommodate two families on vacation (holiday). Remember the price is not per person but for the home as a whole and shared between 8 then the savings are considerable!. Savings continue by not having to eat every meal in a restaurant. Children want their favourite breakfast cereal and milk along with watching TV when at home so why rush and get dressed, drive around looking for food, and wait in line to eat breakfast out where a family of 5 will easily spend $25 or more. Enjoy a lazy morning in and have breakfast in, then wander over to the pool, take a soak in the hot tub and plan the rest of your day. Alternatively, slide open our lovely balcony door off the Master Bedroom, take in the warm fresh air and have breakfast on the patio in the early morning sun! Saves time, saves trouble and saves money! Eat dinner out with a family of 5 at an inexpensive restaurant, and you'll pay well over $40, over $80 at a more upscale one! However, we all like eating out at some time which is, great, but don't forget to bring back the leftovers for another time. You'll have a refrigerator, microwave, stove, pots/pans, etc., and the local supermarkets provide lots of different foods so you can enjoy something with little or no preparation. You don't even have to wash the dishes, we have a dishwasher for that! Fancy a cold beer or cooling glass of wine? Our large refridgerator with ice maker can accommodate lots of beer and wine and even the cola for the kids! Why take loads of clothes on your holiday? T- shirts and shorts are the Florida way. We have a full laundry installed - large washer and drier so you only need the minimum! Need a place to park the car? No problem! Pull up in a bay right opposite the condo. Fancy being energetic? Tennis and Volleyball courts more or less opposite, we even provide the racquets and balls. Do the children like arcade games? No problem! there are some good ones in the clubhouse opposite where they can play whilst you get fit in our small exercise room next door! Finally, what can be nicer than to return from a hectic day out than to relax in the quiet of your own home and not be disturbed by the noises coming from the disco, or next door. We have a quiet time policy after 10pm.

The Hotel Way

You've just spent over 9 hours on a flight plus the time it took to get your rental car and you finally, pull up to the hotel and guess what? There is never is a spot out front. You drive around to the side. You walk up to the reservation desk and wait in line. They put you up on the 6th floor overlooking the parking lot. You go and check out the room - small with two double beds, maybe a coffee maker if you're lucky. Now it is time to unload the car and cart all your luggage up to the 6th floor and if you've got children to look after as well then it's even harder. You're tired and maybe hungry so you get in the car and it is off to find an affordable restaurant. Exhausting! The next day the children are up early and you'd like to sleep just a little more. They turn on the TV - you're up. You fancy a nice refreshing cup of tea. Where's the kettle? One bathroom in which you take turns. Go down to the hotel restaurant and have a so-so breakfast at gourmet prices. After breakfast it is back up to the room to finalize the plans for the day. The children want to go to the pool first. It was a long and exhausting day (and night) at the amusement park. You drive back to the hotel. It is dark and late and all the close in parking places are gone. You park about a block away in the back of the parking lot. The children are asleep and you have to carry one of them back to the room. You fancy a late night snack and the hotel eateries are closed. Does the hotel have vending machines? The day you leave is even worse, because everyone is checking out at the same time. Again you have to start making the trips with the luggage to the elevator in piece meal and then down to load the car (at the other end of the parking lot). The children are hungry but you have to get out of the hotel first, then you can eat. Call this a holiday?

The Island Club Way

First, there are no queues,and no check-in. We knew you were coming and you have the access code to the door so there's no need to collect keys from anywhere. You pull up to the parking space and you've pulled up to the front door practically. You don't get one room with two double beds and a single small bathroom. Awaiting you are three bedrooms and two bathrooms, a home that sleeps 6 comfortably and up to 8 if necessary. Add to that all the comforts of home and a large communal heated pool with hot tub and plenty of space for sunbathing. You are off to a "royal" start. Villas at Island Club is close to grocery stores and all the main attractions. Disney is only 4 miles away. You can't pick a nicer location. All Orlando attractions are near by. The Atlantic Ocean and Cape Canaveral, where the shuttle lifts off, are only an hour away. The Gulf Coast is little more than an hour in the other direction. Enjoy the Parks - Enjoy our Home! Sit back on the sun balcony off the Master Bedroom, enjoy a cool and refreshing drink and listen to the sounds of nature from the conservation area. No carrying children for blocks and waiting for elevators late at night. Pull up to the house and you are in the house in seconds. Have a relaxed morning breakfast or family dinner on your schedule and not on some restaurant's timetable and waiting list. And when it is time to leave you do just that. Your car is waiting at the font door and there is no need to wait in line to check out. Now that is how a family holiday should be! Treat yourselves like 'royalty'. You've worked hard, you deserve it! Make this a holiday to remember! Make this a Villas at Island Club Vacation - one you'll want to come back to over and over again!