I include this on my site as a lot of people especially in th UK are not aware of what a condominium (condo) actually is. Firstly, it is just a matter of personal preference whether you rent a villa over a condo. However, there are some serious advantages over renting a condo especially as regards cost and the extra facilities that are provided by the Condo Home Owners Association. The swimming pool is much larger to begin with and is heated at no extra cost to you the renter. In a private villa you will have to pay anything up to a $100 extra per week for the heated pool. This is not always made clear before you book. You will also as a family be able to sunbathe round the pool as there are ample sunbeds along with tables and parasols and in the main meet and make friends with other guests and their families. Most condos include a heated spa or hot tub as well, again at no extra cost. You will also find on site sports facilities like tennis and volleyball, a BBQ area and a clubhouse which will contain gaming machines which unfortunately are not free. (Someone has to pay for them!) There is a room in the clubhouse containing exercise equipment which is provided at no extra cost. Don't be put off a condo because you might think there could be noise. My condo is on the upper level and I've yet to hear the neighbours either side or below us. There is also a strictly enforced quiet time after 10pm. The living space is comparable with a villa, in fact sometimes more! There is always ample parking in front of each unit. Finally, if you're a sun worshipper our balcony off the Master Bedroom is South Facing and is large enough for dining on with a table and four chairs. Finally, in most cases you can rent my condo for less than a villa. (Why I don't know?). Must be because I want you to enjoy my home as much as I do, that's why I bought it in the first place. The choice is yours!